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Children Home

Committed to care for Children in need of a place to stay and wherein they experience the love and affection of parent, along with education and opportunity to grow in a holistic environment

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Life Centre

A Counselling and Care Program, Committed to Give Hope to WOMEN with crisis pregnancy and help the women in need of emotional, psychological and physical support

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Free Tuitions

Under privileged in Children in Villages are provided an opportunity to get educational help with additional tuition and guidance through our Volunteers in villages wherein the education is a challenge.

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A Residential & a Non Residential Care program to care for infants (0 – 5 yrs) with various needs. An initiative to put an end to infants being abandoned, but be provided a Hope & Home wherein they may be loved, cared & raised the best…

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Founders Note

Do something to someone in need in some way that you might be someone notable....

I, Kasthuri Paulraj - a graduate from CMCH - Vellore, with State First Rank... got a job in the USA about 13 years ago, yet chose to stay back and serve the children in need when 2 needy children were brought to us, to be cared as their parent were sick and dying. A humble journey of caring for the 2 needy kids became 100s over a period of time.

I consider this to be a honour to care for the children who lack parental love, care and protection. There’s no joy parallel when 60+ children call me, AMMA (Mom) at our Karunalaya Children Home, which is a Home and Hope for children in need and wherein they experience the joy of a family and care of a parent.

Our hearts faints every time, just like yours, when we happen to hear about the abandonment of a new born baby, because of some social imbalance in the society. In order to help women to put an end to such painful act of the abandonment of babies, our SONRise Life Centre provides Counselling, Care and Support that the mothers might have every courage to care for the baby and consider life against every odd. There are many success stories of saving lives and securing joy at homes of many.

The ability in me to care for any one in need has been a possibility because of two reasons. Primarily, I was cared and supported since 5 years of my age and was given the best education by Rev.David Kirupakaran and his German Friends, while my parents were unable. Some one’s sacrificial giving had transformed my life then and now, it is my turn to help Children in need to have their lives be transformed through care, support and education. Secondly, this journey of serving the needy has been a possibility all these 15 years, because of the generous giving of many of our friends and well wishers, both inland and abroad. We do acknowledge every one of them for their Trust in us and being part of our journey of Giving Hope to the Hopeless irrespective of colour, creed and caste.

Certainly, it is our desire to extend our service to care for more children and assist them with their basic needs and education, young people with necessary life skill training, women with needed counselling and guidance and infants with a needed care by a loving parents. Through selfless service seeking to contribute to a peaceful community that builds a prospering country...

With Sincere Thanks
Mrs. Kasthuri Paulraj B.Sc.(N) & Rev.J.Y.Paulraj M.A., A.D.D..
Along with All the Board Members, Supporters and Partners of MOM Foundation.

Get Involved

... We invite and encourage individuals, friends, families and corporate to join us in this noble work of serving the fellow human being in need in possible ways listed below and even more...

  1. Become a Friend of MOM – to receive updates and get involved in the projects...
  2. Become a Friend of a child at the Children Home...
  3. Become a Supporter with your seasonal or regular giving towards various needs / projects.
  4. Become a Volunteer to come and teach or assist the children for a short term or a long term.
  5. Become a Donor, by donating anything of your choice on a seasonal basis or on a regular basis.
  6. Become a Well Wishers, by introducing our projects and programs to others and get them involved in these programs.
  7. Become a Coordinator, by introducing our programs to the needy and help the needy to be assisted with our programs.


Govt Approvals and License

FCRA CONTRIBUTION UPDATES 2019 - 2020 (Quarterly)

Date Name of the Donor Towards / Project Amount
17 Jan, 2019 Devxchange (BHI), Canada Child Support and Women's Welfare Rs.73,951
21 Jan, 2019 Mr.Suresh, Amirthi General Contribution Rs.1500
07 Feb, 2019 Devxchange (BHI), Canada Child Support and Women's Welfare Rs.79,147
28 Feb, 2019 Devxchange (BHI), Canada Child Support and Women's Welfare Rs.72,968
14 Mar, 2019 Georgetown PRC, MI, USA Child Sponsorship and Educational Support Rs.4,48,017

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